Piece folks,
this is me, Udo. I'm the head behind Random Clothing.

In the middle of 2019 I have officially founded this fashion brand, but I have already worked a lot with textiles before.

The spirit is to combine wild and rough style with a noble design and create high-quality threads. Inspirated by heavy and emotional music everything is designed and prepared with ambition and love.

Just like every human being is different why should every piece be the same? Since everything is handmade, most of the pieces become unique. Especially the pieces in the 'one of a kind' section are totally unique and only available once.


Many products are made of certifed organic cotton and produced under fair conditions.
The production is climate friendly, with the use of renewable energy and without any animal tests.

RVNDM is for those how still believe.
For the diamonds that choose to stay coal.
The ones that refuse to grow cold.

refined in germany

If you are interested in some more of my work, feel free to check the Gallery to find all the past collections and pieces.

We also work together with many amazing artists, musicians and desinger.

and many more...

If you want to get in touch, send an email to me (udo@random-clothing.com) or write a message via social media.

Become a part of this, become unique.