Artist Spotlight


Kai aka. BeardGrylls89 is a german live Streamer on Twitch.
He is doing mostly Pokémon Tradingcard Game Openings. This means you can buy a Booster or similar in his online store and your pack will be opened live on stream. With a little luck you can find super rare and valuable cards this way.


Because of the growing audience he decided to give his viewers something back. But instead of cheap merchendine we worked on something more special and create the 'Grylls Drop'


Due to our common interest in metal music I ask @Keksgott to design some amaing fonts for a Hoodie. The goal was to also integrate a paw in the logo. After the Design was ready I also bleached the Hoodie to make it more unique. With the Shirt we tried diffent colors and decided to make some Twitch like Bleach Pattern to make some more connections to the content. And as a little highlight every order comes with a rare Pokémon Celebretions Booster and a 1st Edition Stickerpack.

The Pieces were released at the 14th of november.
You can find all the pieces and some more pictures down below here.