Artist Spotlight

From Fall To Spring

From Fall To Spring is a Nu-Metal band from south-west germany. They played a bunch of shows already and lately signed with Arising Empire, the biggest metal label in germany.
Their music is a great mix of metal and rap, which makes it really interesting and new.
Because we enjoy each others art, we talked about ways, we could work together. The new Release of their upcoming Single "DESTINY" seemed perfect, so we started to design a hoodie, using the Song DESTINY as an inpiration.

The band immediatly had some colors in mind, which they wanted to use. All prints are in black and blue, while the frontprint is the topline of the chorus  "you‘re gonna know my name".
We also added the logos of FFtS and Random Clothing as details to add recognition value.
The song will be released on december 17th and the music video will be available a day before.
Make sure to follow them on social media to get updates and presafe their song „DESTINY“ to get a reminder.
Till then just listen to some of their songs on YouTube.
The Destiny Hoodie is limited to 25 pieces and only avaiable till the releaseday.
You can find all the pieces and some more pictures down below.