Artist Spotlight


Laura is a german Graphic Designer and Blogger. On her Instagram, 'hc_x_owl', she keeps you updated with diffent stuff about music and fashion the metal/hardcore scene. Recently she started her own label 'planchette' where she prints her artworks on the clothes.


Because of our common interests we decided to create a girly piece for the upcoming 'afflicted desire' drop. Laura has mostly a colorful neotraditional tattoo style for her artworks, but with this design I wanted to keep it simple so I can print it at home. So she created this owl design, which only got one color but many small details. After some bleaching and adding details we created a very special sweater and also the first one with a girly fit. 

The Owl Sweater were released with the 'afflicted desire' Collection at the 26th of november.
You can find all the pieces and some more pictures down below here.