Artist Spotlight

Sio Motion

Markus aka. Sio Motion is a professional Photographer from Jena, Germany. But not only this. Beside his Photos and Videos he plays the Bass in THE DISASTER AREA and doing Vocals for NESAIA. Plus he's streaming Gameplays on Twitch under is rapper-name EINE STADT IN FLAMMEN.

Due to the search for creators, influencers and artists in early 2021 we got in contact and we decide to do some collaborations with photography and advertising.

In December 2021 we met in Jena for a hugh Shooting. We took pictures the whole day with 6 models and also recorded a episode for his podcast TIEFEN UND LICHTER with Olli from KAOS SHOTS.
I put some of the pictures below but you can find more of them on Instagram and everywhere on the website.

 Many more projects and shootings are planed for the future to create awesome images and videos for RVNDM.